Oochi Poochi

Oochi Poochi (firstly, how much do we love the name?? I just love saying it!) is a recent discovery, that I have meaning to share for months now. It’s not that often that I come across something unique, but I felt I did with them. Their gorgeous collection of luxurious hand-knitted scarves, pixie style hats (I adore this style of hat for babies and girls), and arm warmers (in the most beautiful, often unexpected colour combinations) are all made from the smoothest, softest (they really are!!) yarns they can source, so are never itchy (so crucial with kids – comfort is key, and my two are VERY fussy about how things feel on…). Their yarns are also hyperoallergic (cashmere, organic cotton and merino) and sustainable and biodegradable. Everything is produced locally; lovingly and meticulously designed and handcrafted in Austria.
My favourites are the cashmere pom pom scarves (Tabitha has one (the pink with the mustard pom pom, above) and adores it, and wears it all the time). They’re so cosy as you can tie them close to the neck, but because they have the triangle shape they keep out the chill around the neck of a coat.  They also feel really light, so not constrictive like some scarves can be.
This is what they say (which I love):
“Oochi poochi loves individuality. In a time of mass production it is our particular concern to create pieces that enhance the uniqueness of the wearer. We invite our customers to become part of the design process by deciding on the finishing touch – pom poms, tassels, monograms – to create a unique item of beauty”.
The Oochi Poochi website is ‘coming soon’, but you can order directly from them (the email is at the bottom of the site).

Sarah xx