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Days of the week bags | Elodie Details

Calling all working mamas who have to travel for work! How sweet are these little bags? The idea behind them is that you can organise your (littlest) little one’s outfits for the week, and in the process, take the stress out of your other half’s (already stressful) morning. Thus avoiding any fashion faux pas in your absence! How clever is that? Also perfect for holidays and travelling. Plus, you can use them to teach the days of the week!
They would make the sweetest (and really original) gift for new parents.
Love them!

Happy Friday!

Sarah xx

ps: so this week I have made a few little purchases (for me and the kids) that I thought I would share with you…

  1. Firstly, this cream blusher that I mentioned in this post. I’ve been using it a lot this week, and I absolutely love it! It’s my new favourite bronzer. I LOVE the creamy texture.

    2. Today I bought this quilted jacket from Gap (I shared it on Insta Stories a few weeks ago when I first saw it in store). Size up (I actually went for an XL!) for a cooler, Isabel Marant (I know I always say it, but it is very Issy!!) slouchy fit. It’s SO nice. A great alternative to a biker or denim jacket. And it’s super-soft and comfy to wear. Roll up the cuffs. I also bought a mens’ khaki shacket (because I really need another one!!), and it’s great (I like that it’s a little longer than mine), so if you’re near a store, try and look for one (they’re in the sale section).

3. Now you might think I’ve lost it with this next purchase (and you may well have a point!), but I first spotted these on someone (trust me, I would never have ordered them from this pic alone!!) when I was outfitting for a client the other week, and by the end of the day, I was obsessed by them, and hunted them down as soon as I got home. Ok, so they’re not going to win any prizes for fabric quality, BUT they are so cute. I’m not a huge fan of this whole polka dots trend that’s everywhere at the moment (the fact that it’s everywhere is probably one of the reasons to be honest…), but these are fab. I won’t be wearing mine with socks and trainers (no shit!), but I will be wearing them with a boyfriend style white tee/grey sweatshirt, and tan sandals/flip flops. They’re a bit of a pyjama style pant, but with the added bonus of a frill. And you know I love a frill! They’re not going to break the bank, so give them a whirl!

4. Next up, a couple of things (not the most exciting things admittedly) for the kids (they needed sun hats for school, which took me on a little shopping mission) that I didn’t want to spend too much on (as let’s face it, they will be lost by Half Term!), so I bought these for Marlow (he wants to be a bit cooler at school these days, so refused to have a sun hat – I’ll have to see how we go for our holiday, as I so love him in a Huckleberry Finn-esque floppy brimmed sun hat…) and this one for Tabitha. I then popped into Next afterwards and picked up these tees (I secretly ‘disposed’ of the mint colour! Oh and size down – Marlow’s are age 6 and he’s 8 now), and theseWayfarer sunnies for Marlow. The Next multi packs of t-shirts are just brilliant – I buy them every summer – I like this and this set too). He loves them! I might order a pair for Tabitha too. They’re great.