Caramel Sale Edit

Romper | £43.00 (was £85.00)
Romper | £45.00 (was £90.00)
Baby dress | £46.00 (was £75.00)
Coat | £83.00 (was £165.00)
Romper | £43.00 (was £85.00)
Baby dress | £36.00 (was £72.00)
Romper | £34.00 (was £60.00)
Baby shirt | £30.00 (was £60.00)
Baby dress | £51.00 (was £100.00)
Baby blouse |   £28.00  (was £55.00)
Baby trousers | £37.00 (were £75.00)

I have a love-hate relationship with the sales (yes I’m still talking about the sales!). Part of me (most of me) thinks: I can’t be arsed to sift through all the tat that no one else wants, and why does no one else want it anyway? But the other half (ish) know that there are some AMAZING bargains to be had if you keep a clear head and keep your purchases targeted and considered (or as Des might say: “stay in your lane”). Another thing my sensible self reminds me, is that it’s a great opportunity to get your hands on a few pieces of ‘forbidden fruit’, aka things that are normally way out of budget (I tend to not even look, as I can’t trust myself not to be tempted…). Caramel is a case in point. SUCH a beautiful brand, with the dreamiest baby (their baby collections are always my favourite I have to say) and kids’ clothes, accessories and homeware (and more recently, womenswear too), but it ‘aint cheap that’s for sure. So, come sale time, I hop straight onto their website and take a look at said fruits that are no longer  quite so) forbidden. So here’s what I found (and loved) for babies. I am also totally in love with this coat.

Sarah xx

ps: my top tip for shopping for designer kids’ clothes? Choose wisely. Go for things with a beautiful print or detail that you wouldn’t find on the high street. This is not the time to buy a plain, navy jumper. Get more bang for you buck by going for the ‘aaaaaaah’ factor.