Mini Shackets & Dinosaurs

Overshirt (3 months-6 years) | Next

Just a quick post today. I just happened to be on the Next website this morning (their turnover of new things is quite high, so I try to check in quite regularly for FOMA). Now any loyal readers of Little Spree will be all too aware how much I love a bit of Next for the kids (I was most definitely not late to this particular party). Not always admittedly, but when they get it right they really get it right. And for me it’s always the thrill of the find that I LOVE! They used to mostly only have manmade fabrics (I’m not a fan of those), but this seems to have changed – a lot more cottons now. And the price points are always worth getting excited about. Anyway, for fear of sounding like one of those random ‘paid for’ posts, I’m going to wrap this up now (I always amaze myself with how long I can waffle on for…). But I just wanted to share this super-cool and very cute overshirt (‘shacket’ to us right?). Nor normally a fan a pictures on clothing, but these dinosaur drawing are just so sweet. Very nicely executed! I fully approve. Just layer some navy or grey under. Perfect.

Sarah xx

ps: if you haven’t already, do take a look at the Little Spree Shops (Baby, Boy and Girl). I have recently updated them all, and there are quite a few (gorgeous) Next pieces in there. I found the sweetest pair of girls lemon print cotton trousers in the store today, but annoyingly can’t find them online. Will keep looking though, as they will probably add them at some point…).