Girls Party Dresses

Tulle dress | Maileg 

I have already got two (very different) ‘special’ dresses for Tabitha for the festive season –  this tulle ballet style dress (above, which I’ve had my eye on since the Summer when I first spotted it at ShopUp at Mabel Child‘s stand – check out website – she has a beautiful edit), and this divine metallic gold dress (I mean..). We have quite a few things to go to one way or another this Christmas , so there will plenty of opportunity for her to rotate these (I am not into buying something to wear once – such a waste). You don’t always need to go full throttle into full-on, blingtastic ‘party mode’ either. I also like to mix a cotton dress with a sparkly tight or metallic Mary Jane’s for example. Also, nothing wrong with a jean/dungas and a gorgeous knit or a pretty top either (as we all know ourlseves).

Tabs also has a wardrobe of various other gorgeous dresses, including the Mango velvet one, and this Velveteen (if you don’t know them, you are going to LOVE them – a post is in the making…) which I love too. So all in all, I think we’re covered.
Boys’ options coming soon…

Sarah xx