The Perfect Baby Gift

1. Cashmere baby jumper | Boden
2. Baby balloon | Northstar Balloons
3. Baby nest | Cam Cam Copenhagen
4. Print | Mado
5. Cashmere hat | Arket
6. Hedgehog | Maileg
7. Mobile | Cam Cam Copenhagen 
8. Pull-along elephant | Sebra
9. My First Bunny | Maileg
10. Romper | La Coqueta
11. Rattle | Sebra
12. Toy pram | My Darling Valentine
13. Baby hat | Stella McCartney
14. Wall art | Art For Kids
15. Baby jumper | Stella McCartney Kids
16. Bunny | Jellycat
17. Bunny blanket | Stella McCartney Kids
18. Swam rattle | Cam Cam Copenhagen

 I’m always in the market for a great baby gift. It seems that someone has always just had a baby! And I love nothing more than buying baby gifts! I must confess, I have a tendancy to stick to my favourite ‘tried and tested presents – Slapjack bunny (Tabitha still has hers from when she was a baby, and it’s still open of her favourites. I love the style of it, and it’s super-cuddly. I would say it’s probably top of my favourites list), and My First Bunny (it’s so cute, and comes with a blue or a pink ribbon, and in it’s own sweet little box. It’s also a great size – small enough for those little hands…), but there are so many more great options out there (most of which don’t cost the earth either). I actually recently bought this pretty sea shell musical mobile for my lovely friend, Lucy’s baby, Sylvie. It plays the sweetest little tune, which I have been told Sylvie loves it.
Anyway, these are just some of the things in the newly re-stocked Baby Gifts Shop. So take a look if you need some gifting inspiration…

Sarah xx

ps: can we just talk about this lemon rattle?? I mean…