Wedding Minis | Boys

Mango cotton suit blazer | £49.99
J.Crew jacket | £106.00
J.Crew trousers | £56.00
Stella McCartney Kids jacket | £128.00
Mango braced trousers | £25.99
J.Crew bow tie | £18.50
French King bow tie | £18.00
Wild & Gorgeous jacket | £110.00
Mango braces shorts | £22.99
Next shirt & trousers set | £23.00
Next shirt & shorts set | £21.00
Tulip & Nettle Sailor suit | £50.00

Let’s face it, boys can be tricky to dress for weddings, whether they are part of the actual wedding (page boy) or going to a wedding. What do you dress them in that’s appropriate, but not naff? Cool, but still traditional. Obviously a big part is the style/type/location of the wedding, and only you will know that, but I have gathered together some of my favourite looks and pieces. Personally, I love anything sailor-eque for younger boys (my nephew wore the Tulip & Nettle outfit to my sister’s wedding three years ago and couldn’t have looked any cuter!!). I like the white sailor shirt and the ivory poet shirts too. And older boys could still wear the shirt, but with different trousers or a slimmer, more modern pair of shorts (a stripe could be good). Other favourites include a ‘drummer boy’ jacket (Stella and Wild & Gorgeous do the best ones) as seen at Kate Moss’s wedding (in fact, even one of the girls wore one – how cool is that?). I also love shorts and slim trousers with braces and fun (either printed, a less obvious fabric or over-sized) bow ties (I’m not a fan of little boys in ties/cravats – I much prefer an open-neck shirt collar or a bow tie). For me, all of these elements equals a cool, but still traditional little boy. And of course, the shoes can dramatically change a look too. Nothing wrong with plimsoles or Converse with a suit, or more classic lace-ups with shorts. The important thing is there are great options out there for boys – you just have to be a little smarter and make a bit more effort than with the girls (more about them tomorrow…).

Sarah xx