Shop Chic

If you’re looking for a play kitchen/shop/work bench for a Christmas present, but ultimately don’t want to compromise on the overall look  of it (shallow? Possibly? Honest? Definitely. And I know I’m far from alone..), then trust me, your search ends here. These three from Flexa Play are just beautiful, so if, like me, you don’t have have a playroom/separate room to stash all of your kids’ toys, you’ll want something that your kids love, but that also looks good. How gorgeous are these three colours, particularly the kitchen and the shop. Tabitha and Marlow (time to ditch ‘Tabarlow’?) had a play shop from when they were around two and a half, and they LOVED it. It was the best present they were ever given (by their lovely Granny in New York). They had it for years, until we passed it onto my nephew. I really think ‘imaginative play’ is so important for children, and to be completely frank, the more beautiful the toys, the less of a hurry you’re in to hide them away at the end of the day. Which ultimately means more play. A win-win surely?
And you know what else I love about these? That they all come with the accessories shown (most don’t – so annoying). So the price is actually fantastic value.

Sarah xx