My Unicorn And Other Animals

Meri Meri unicorn | £40.00
Mailed soft bunny | £22.00
Maileg teddy bear | £30.00
Maileg Buffy bunny | £26.00
Jellycat Solange swan | £44.00
Maileg Plush bunny | £22.00
Jellycat Slackjack bunny | £18.00

I find inspiration for my posts from anything and everything. But more often than not it comes from you. So many of you loved this Meri Meri unicorn (Check out the mermaid, cat and dog too. And the cactus is also cute) when I posted it on Instgram a few weeks ago, that I thought I would share it again here, along with some of my other favourite (tried and tested by Tabitha and Marlow) soft toys for babies children (which are pretty much exclusively from either Jellycat or Maileg and a bunny of some description). Ones that kids love, always look good on display in their cots or beds, and that parents also love.
Tabitha currently has this Maileg soft rabbit (bought by her ‘New York Granny)and it’s just so lovely, and comes in two sizes. Marlow has ‘Buffy’ bunny, also from Maileg and it’s the softest, floppiest, cuddliest bunny ever. And I have to say, I love this little neckerchief (you’ve gotta love a bunny with good accessories..).
I happened to see ‘Solange’ swan (that never fails to make me laugh! I aways have an image of an angry swan, spitting in a lift…) in the flesh earlier this week actually (I just happened to spot it in the window of a gift shop while I was I waiting for the car to be MOT-ed (yep, exciting times at Little Spree HQ…) and it’s just gorgeous (yes I went in so I could check if it was as cuddly as it looked). It was.
But I have to say, my ultimate all-time favourite soft toy is still the classic  Jellycat ‘Slackjack’ bunny from  (often seen as a prop in the beautiful Bonpoint stores). I just love it. And it’s loved by babies/children and parents alike.
Happy cuddling!

Sarah xx

ps: these are the furry slides I bought for Tabster and Marlow.