Christmas Gifts For The Boys

  1. Sebra Set Of Wooden Tools, £29.24
  2. Numero 74 Lancelot Costume, £72.00
  3. Maileg Big Brother Mouse, £24.00
  4. A.B Gee Rovospy Remote Control Tank, £100.00
  5. Kiki + Wooden Aeroplane, £29.00
  6. John Lewis Drum Kit, £65.00
  7. Kidzpiration Toto Toy, £42.00
  8. Anne-Claire Petit Crochet Small Football, £8.00
  9. Skinny Zip Kitty Headphones, £35.00


As our children grow, the pressure for screen based Christmas gifts will inevitably intensify, but for now we’re resisting that pressure and encouraging them to entertain themselves through creative play. For little ones, there’s nothing sweeter than a traditional wooden toy. As they get older we love to watch them develop their own interests in music, football and books (coming soon – Tom’s favourite children’s titles). We hope you’ll find something inspiring in our gift guide for your little boys (from 0-7+) this Christmas (and yes, we realise that it may well be the ‘big boy’ that drives the ‘spy tank’ first!).

Nicky  & Sarah xx

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pps: check back on Friday for our guide to surviving Black Friday/Cyber Monday!