Who Remembers Fisher Price?

Anyone born in the Seventies (or earlier!!) will almost certainly remember these Fisher Price toys. Pretty much everyone had at least one of them. Between me and my brother and sister, we had them all. I particularly love my pull-along dog (which did look slightly different to this one actually – more of a basset hound..), which made a very reassuring ‘clackety clack’ sound as it rolled along behind me, as I recall.
The rest are actual replicas of the originals, and I remember buying the record player for Tabitha and Marlow when they were babies (I think I got it on Ebay actually). They loved in. And I have to say, listening to the same tunes that I listened to as a little girl, felt very nostalgic indeed.
Anyway, they make great presents for babies and toddlers, and are really affordable, so I thought it was worth reminding you all about them.

Sarah xx

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