Bath, Book, Bedtime…

Whispy Mist bubble bath | £4.99
Grubby Little Grub hair & body wash | £4.99
Snapper Whipper’s | £4.99
Whoppsy Whiffling Conditioner | £4.99
Dream Catcher’s pillow spray | £9.99

Now I love a ritual, and one that Tom and I have instilled right from the get-go with Tabitha and Marlow (I feel now that they’re the ripe of age of eight, it might be time to drop the ‘Tabarlow’? Thoughts?) is the ritual of a bedtime story. Every single night, without fail. They’re both now reading to themselves (Marlow is deep into the Harry Potter series – he devours the books like I devour M&S deep filled jam dohnuts and Isabel Marant look books, and Tabitha loves a pre-bedtime mix of animal based chapter books and pouring over her various atlases – she’s obsessed; and (currently) reading a page of her ‘Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls’ to me each night…), but the ritual remains unchanged: bath, book, bed. Sleep.

“Dreams is very mystical things” said the BFG. The lovely girls at Bloom and Blossom couldn’t agree more, and hence teamed up with the Roald Dahl  Story Company to bring you their charming new range, ‘Bath, Book & Bedtime’, especially designed for kids.

So when the girls asked to meet up a few weeks ago to share their latest (at the time, super-secret) venture, and started explaining the concept to me, I was hanging off their every word, as this is a concept that I am already fully onboard with, and would encourage any parent to follow. Ditch the screens and the technology in the pm – switch off, tune in (to a book) and wind down – bath, bed, sleep. Then factor in the ever-inpsiring, wonderful Roald Dahl (I mean, it’s the dream right?) and the BFG (what kid doesn’t love this book?) and I was already hooked. I LOVED this concept. I was fully onboard now. I literally couldn’t wait to get my hands on the products (they gave me a pillow spray and the bubble bath to try first, and I couldn’t wait to try more!!)

The names of each, carefully considered product is taken from the BFG book itself (so clever), much to the delight of my two – they just love saying “have you put the Whispy Misty bubbles in Mummy?” and “where’s my (they have one each now – complete with stickers to customise and personalise the bottle and a (box that doubles as) bookmark – see what I mean about the tiniest details – these are two mamas who really know what makes kids tick) Dream Catchers pillow spray?”.

Following the success of their best-selling adult sleep and beauty ranges, helping support that all important nighttime routine, it was only a matter of time until Bloom and Blossom developed a sleep range for children – it was a no-brainer. As sisters-in-law in business, working mamas ( I have known Julia for many, many years – we worked together at Glamour, became friends; were pregnant at the same time; and started Little Spree and Bloom and Blossom at around the same time too; and I have to say I am incredibly proud of her and everything she achieved); and with five children between them, these super-savy co-founders know the power and positive impact a nighttime routine has on families.

I should also mention that I was a bit stumped as to what I to use, skincare wise on the kids until now. The baby ranges seem too baby now, and my stuff (that just happens to be by the bath) just didn’t feel right to use on them somehow (although I’m not gonna lie, Tabitha’s hair has been washed and conditioned courtesy of John Frieda’s ‘Sheer Blonde’ range on more than one occasion – please don’t judge!), so I really was looking for something specifically for them (that didn’t cost a small fortune btw) when I learned about this Bloom and Blosson range. Don’t you just love it when you find a solution to a problem when it doesn’t even feel like you have? As in, it just feels like a lovely new discovery; then the fact that it’s a problem solver is just a bonus? Does that even make sense? It does to me anyway!!

Tabitha’s favourite is the pillow spray, and loves the who routine of spritzing it onto her pillow at bedtime. Marlow loves the bubble bath because “it gives us loads and loads of bubbles” (yes good point Marlow – I’ve found that with all the products, a little goes a long way – I find it so annoying when you have to dollop the most enormous amount of product on, so wasteful too…)
Honestly, I couldn’t be prouder of my friend (and not forgetting her lovely business partner, Christina…). And I couldn’t be happier that I have (finally!!) found products for my kids that we all lovely equally! They literally can’t get into the bath quick enough these days! And that look cute in their bathroom too. Of course.

Sarah xx

ps: oh, and can we just talk about THE SMELL (the relaxing and calming scent of sweet orange, eucalyptus, bergamot, satsuma, lavender and patchouli to be precise). I never thought I’d relive the ‘magic’ of the smell of the trusty Burts Bees, which I used religiously on Tabarlow when they were babies and toddlers. I couldn’t get enough of that smell!! Until now. The beautiful scent lingers on the kids’ hair for a good day after washing. Every time I kiss their heads, I inhale it! Soooo good…

pps: always worth noting: all the delicious products are:
– dermatologist and paediatrician approved
– safe for sensitive and eczema prone skin
– suitable from newborn
– worry free

ppps: you can also add it to your Ocado order. You’ve gotta love that right?

pppps: Tom’s a fan too (and trust me, he can be a tough crowd!). I quote: “you’ll be hard-pushed to find any psychologist who wouldn’t endorse the ‘bath, book, bed’ routine for kids.”.