Beach Baby

Bonnet à Pompon baby swimming bottoms | £38.70

Summer holidays are nearly upon us (hurrah!!), and I realised that I haven’t done a post about babies’ swimwear. A little trickier than slightly older boys and girls. Which cozzie you choose will probably be determined by what kind of holiday you’re going to be on (beach, pool – communal or private…). You can always pop a disposable swim nappy on (I did always struggle with these if I’m honest though, and this was mostly due to the weight of them post-swim. More than the baby usually!!) under pretty bikini bottoms or shorts, or even just ‘wing it’, depending on the age of your baby and what you’re/they’re doing. Actual contact with the sea or a pool requires a bit more planning (you do not want to be that red-faced parent…) You’ll just need to suss out the situation as and when. Here are my favourite options for you to muse over anyway. And I’ve included my favourite sun hats too – a beach baby essential (check out Olivier Baby’s too). Oh and the navy one above is officially for a baby girl, but I would totally put a baby boy in it. How cute??

Sarah xx

ps: this is a cute actual swim nappy (for a boy or a girl) that I totally approve of, style wise.

pps: this is pretty nifty. I would probably give this a whirl rather than the disposable swim nappies. And you can still layer under something way cuter…

Baby Girl

Baby Boy