M&S – Mini Edit

Pram shoes | £12.00
Romper & hat outfit | £16.00
Brodie top | £18.00
Broderie shorts | £18.00
Trainers | £14.00

My M&S purchases tend to be a bit sporadic – I might not buy anything for months (I am not including the Food Hall here!), then I’ll do a bit of a smash & grab. There are hits, there are misses, but when I had a quick look online yesterday, I found so many great things for the minis (from the tiniest to the tricky tweens), I felt a post was in order, and that an online order was imminent. I’ve separated it into baby, girls (how cool would this sequinned party dress look with trainers) and boys. Sorry mamas of just boys – I know it’s often the way, but this was my smallest edit. But I would rather only include things I really like than put things in to ‘bulk out’ for the sake of balance on the page.
I also spotted this cream jacketthese straight leg jeansthis swimsuit, and these (pink) ballet flats for us ladies.

Sarah xx

Baby edit

Boy edit

Girl edit