Letters From Santa

For anyone not familiar with Polar Post, you are going to LOVE them! I discovered them a couple of Christmas’s ago and Tabarlow were sent their very own personalised letters from Father Christmas. But not just any old Father Christmas letters. THE most beautiful letters and envelopes I’ve ever seen come out of ‘Lapland’ (unless there there actually is a Smythson in Lapland?) to treasure and keep forever. This year they’ve added ‘magical sleigh bells‘, which are just so sweet and magical. I also love the Midnight Feast hampers (I’m tempted to buy them for Tabitha and Marlow’s rooms) and the rosettes  (I love the idea of loads on display on a bedroom wall). The details of everything they do is just spot-on – beautifully  and thoughtfully designed and executed, down the tiniest details. I could bang on about why I love them so much for days, but frankly I’m too busy working on all my Christmas posts (and don’t even get me started on Black Friday!!), so I’m going to let you discover why for yourself!! One thing I know for certain – you’re going to love them.
Gird up you loins ladies, Black Friday incoming…

Sarah xx