The Full Set

Next dungarees and t-shirt set (3 months-6 years) | £16.00-£18.00

It’s very rare for me to like any kind of ‘set’. Firstly because I don’t like being ‘told’ how to wear something (that’s my job!), or how my kids should wear something (that’s, er, my job!), and secondly because there’s almost always something a little ‘off’ about the combination. It’s always just trying a little bit too hard either to match or be mismatched. So when I spotted this adorable combo I have to say, I was surprised! I would definitely have put these two together, and it’s a great price for a whole outfit.
Whist I was on the Next website, I also spotted and loved these for boys: swim shorts, indigo linen trousers, khaki parkaindigo washed tee, denim overshirt, trilby and another cute dungaree set. So there you have it.

Sarah xx

ps: this look would be perfect with my favourite sandals.

pps: M&S has a ‘up to 30% off home event’ on at the moment. There are some great things in to Little Spree Home Shop (including this gorgeous quilt), so now’s the time…