Beauty Blurb

Now as I’ve said before I’m not much of a beauty junkie – I’m just not that interested in products beyond what feels nice on my skin and ‘does the job’.  My aim is mostly to just look like a ‘better version of me’ – I don’t want to look like a different person every day – it’s exhausting enough just being me!
But lately I have been paying a bit more attention to this whole department (‘needs must’ as they say…), which almost certainly has ‘something’ to do with my age and getting, well, older, and things, well, not being quite what they used to be (understatement of epic proportions). I cruised through my teens, twenties, and indeed most of my thirties, with barely so much as a cleanse, never mind a tone, and for the most part anyway, my skin looked pretty good. I was most definitely ‘winging it’. These days, I’m evangelical about cleansing and moisturising (I really can’t be arsed with toning, and I’m still not sure of the point to tell you the truth), and I’m definitely wearing more (by more, I guess I mean ‘some’) makeup on a day to day basis than I ever have before (although a black eye flick and a red lip have always alluded me, and probably always will…).
I know a few of you have also started using the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser after I mentioned it last time. If you’re a bit of ‘no makeup, makeup girl’ like me, you’ll love this, as it really looks and feels like you’re makeup free, and it gives you a lovely glow. I’ve actually gone from wearing it sometimes to most days, and in the process, ditching the concealer. I might just dab a bit of concealer (I use the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer – it’s great for under the eyes too) on if I have a particularly angry looking spot. Shit happens. I then use either this Benefit Hoola Bronzer or this Nars  Bronzing Powder (in Laguna). Yep, I’m a bit of a Nars fan these days – I just really like their products (well the makeup products anyway), and their tinted moisturiser is one of the best I’ve tried). This is great too though, and I sometimes just dab it on my cheeks for a bit of an added ‘sun kissed’ glow (this was a tip from a makeup artist).

Other recent additions to my bathroom cabinet (ok, that’s a lie, more accurately, the windowsill in my bathroom) include this Nuxe Moisture & Rescue mask; these Balance Me Gradual Tanning Drops (I am absolutely phobic about any kind of fake tan – I’ve yet to meet one I’ve even remotely liked) can be mixed with your moisturiser, and the build up is very, very gradual. So far, so good (I’m starting from the face, and working my way down…).  The Aquis Hair Lisse Luxe Turban. So it seems I am one of the only women on the planet that hadn’t heard of this?! I am now fully onboard! It’s amazing. It’s basically just a cleverly designed towel that absorbs all the excess moisture from your hair after washing. So less drying time if you blow dry (I don’t), and no dripping wet hair on the school run (I do). It’s fab. Darphin Rose Aromatic Oil: I’ve been wearing this at night, under my moisturiser. Smells amazing, and feels great on your skin.
I discovered the turban towel , the rose oil and the Nuxe mask (amongst other things) from two ‘beauty boxes’ that I was given at a dinner with the lovely Ruth Crilly (who funnily enough I worked with a couple of times, years ago when I worked at Marie Claire), aka A Model Recommends and Feelunique  a few weeks ago. I must confess I hadn’t heard of these beauty boxes (am I the only one?), but I have to say, they’re brilliant. A great way of discovering and trying out new products without breaking the bank (I’m definitely guilty of impulsively ordering a new product online (generally after watching a cool, beautiful twenty-something blogger using it), trying it, not loving it, then just leaving it lying around the bathroom, redundant…). Plus they make the loveliest gifts. I’ve included both of Ruth’s (she hand-picked all the products herself -all tried and tested favourites) below. There’s an ‘Indulgence’ and a  ‘Rescue’ box, depending on the needs of the recipient. I have to say, I really liked them both.
Oh and finally, this is my very latest purchase. Ordered from Devon last week, arrived in Richmond this morning. The Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer. Early signs are all good, but I will report back.

Sarah xx

ps: in terms of my actual skincare routine, I am currently using Environ (well the cleanser and moisturiser anyway), as recommended by a great friend and amazing makeup artist, Kim Brown. I have been using it for almost a year now, and am definitely impressed with the results. When I run out of the moisturiser, I tend to go back to this one, which I still really like (it can be a little rich though, even for my reptile-esque skin).

pps: Although (very!!) pricey, this body cream from Sisley is pretty amazing it has to be said. I was lucky enough to be given mine by a friend. A very good friend!! You know who you are. Thank you again – I love it.

ppps: this is a slightly more affordable product to slather on you body. Smells devine. Same friend, different gift.

pppps: ok, so this is probably one of the cheapest products I use, but I bloody LOVE this body lotion, and bulk buy it at Boots!