Makeup Artists Share Their Favourite Beauty Products

Ok, so my knowledge of beauty and skincare products is pretty limited I have to say. You probably already know this though right? BUT I may know very little, but I do know people who know A LOT (and my moto in life is, if you don’t know shit about something, ask someone who does!!). So, with that in mind, I have tapped up some of my favourite makeup artists that I work with regularly (and am lucky enough to call my friends) for some inside info. I asked them to share their current favourite beauty/skincare product (and why). This is what they said…

Sarah xx

ps: for what it’s worth, I’ve also included mine. It’s the Aromessence Neroli Amara Hydrating Oil Serum by Decléor. I put it on after cleansing at night. It smells amazing, and leaves my (naturally, very dry) skin super-soft and hydrated in the morning.

Kim Brown
Tri Balm by Francis Prescott

“I’m loving this at the moment. It’s an all natural cleansing balm by makeup artist Francis Prescott. So easy to use. Just apply over your makeup and remove with a hot cloth. It takes away all traces of makeup, and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised, due to the natural oils.”

Ruth Funnell
Black Rose Precious Face Oil by Sisley

“Loving my Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil. A huge indulgence, as it’s very pricey, but… at this time of year my skin literally ‘drinks’ moisture, so I massage a few drops into my skin before my moisturiser; or on its own. It gives an amazing glow prior to makeup. Smells gorgeous, and is a treat instead of a facial.

Nicola Brittin
Renaissance Cleanser Gel by Oskia

“I love it because it turns into an oil as you massage it onto your face. You can then leave it on while you shower/make breakfast, then wash it off to plump, beautiful, clean skin. It doesn’t dry your skin out at all, and smells delightful! It’s the first thing I use on all my models!”

Ruby Hammer
Liftactif Collegen Daily Cream by Vichy

“My favourite skincare at the moment are the latest products from Vichy Liftactif Collegen. I love the daily cream.”