Berber Blondes

Berber Blonde – Sana Jardin

As you may, or may not know, I am SO fussy about scents and smells (from laundry detergent, to plants and flowers, to scented candles to food! I was even nicknamed ‘The Beagle’ when I was pregnant, because I could literally smell dust 10 metres away. No joke!). So I very rarely dabble in new fragrances, as I so rarely like new smells (even if I love it someone else, I almost never like the same smell on me/my skin). I also tend to like the familiarity of scent on people.
However, I was recently invited to a breakfast, to hear the founder of Sana Jardin (no, I hadn’t hear of them either…) talk about her fragrances. So far, so unremarkable – I have been to hundreds (literally) of press events over the years, and although almost always lovely, they rarely inspire me on a level beyond the ‘surface’, visual (or in this case, scented) level. But when I listened to Amy Christiansen Si-Ahmed talk about how she founded her company, and specifically about  the ‘Beyond Sustainability Movement’ (something I had never heard of), I was literally hanging on her every word.
I won’t go into it in too much detail here (but do read more about it here – it really is fascinating, and so inspiring). In simple terms, Amy’s brand is as ethically minded as they come – including recycled bottles and caps; fragrances free of phthalates, artificial colourants, parabens and formaldehydes; and zero animal testing – and goes one step further by empowering its female workforce in Morocco to develop their own side businesses with perfumery by-products.
The collection of perfumes (seven in total) have been cleverly designed  to complement one another, and can be worn ‘layered’, enabling you to build the scent from day to night if you want to. Love that.
My absolute favourite? Berber Blonde. “The rare, shimmering notes of orange blossom flowering on a Moroccan tree, captured with orange blossom water, Moroccan neroli oil and musk.” Just heaven. I love that it’s pretty and summery, but not at all heavy (I loathe those perfumes that enter the room before the wearer, and leave a thick ‘fug’ of scent everywhere they go. Urgh. Berber Blonde is just the right balance of subtlety for my taste. And I have been wearing it ever since!

Sarah xx

ps: I’m not going to lie – the fact that the bottle is SUPER chic does not hurt either!