How goopy Are You?

Photo (top): Tesh for British Marie Claire

Goopier than I realised actually! It’s not all kale salads, cashmere, and vaginal facials you know. But more of those later…
Back in September I was invited to visit the new (and very first) goop London pop up store in Notting Hill, after hours, before its ‘official’ opening.

For anyone (who are you?? where have you been??) not familiar with goop, it’s a hugely successful wraparound lifestyle and wellness brand founded by Gwyneth back in 2008 (originally as a humble e-email newsletter) when she was living in London. The recently opened pop up in Notting Hill is just the latest string to GP’s (as Gwyneth is known by her friends and colleagues) ‘wellness bow’. And where else can you shop for a Cartier watch; Gwyneth’s own favourite Exfoliating Instant Facial, a reusable sandwich bag (these are pretty great I have to say – I am at the mercy of the dreaded school packed lunch…), and a super-stylish and impossibly discreet gold vibrator necklace (yes really  -that’s it in the picture above) all under one roof? This store operates at a whole other level.

Anyway, I couldn’t wait to have a good look (snoop) around! It certainly didn’t disappoint. Such a beautiful (unsurprisingly!) store, with so much to look at on each of the four carefully curated floors. I must confess to spending the briefest of moments on the lower-ground floor – home of the chicest fitness/activewear, and accessories. Now this is not to say it wasn’t beautiful. Of course it was. And if I were (unlikely) to head to a spinning class anytime soon, I like to think I’d be doing it in a G. Sport desert rose crop top and matching seamed leggings. But until then, I was happy to race upstairs to the homeware floor. Now, this was much more ‘me’ (possibly my favourite floor) – baskets galore, pretty, dusky colours (I mean, who wouldn’t want a Goop dusky-pink cotton apron frankly? Beautiful kitchenware, cookery books, and a selection of beautiful home accessories to drool over… Admittedly, most of the prices are pretty ‘premium’ to say the least, but there are some great accessories at more affordable price points – all with the same ‘Goopy’ aesthetic. I would have been pretty happy to have taken up residence on this floor!

I was also very excited to check out the Clean Beauty Shop , as GP herself has personally endorsed so many of the products stocked. The one I wanted to know ALL about was the Exfoliating Instant Facial, so I made a beeline straight for it.  And yes, it’s as good as they say! I am also now completely OBSESSED with this candle. Honestly, it smells incredible. It’s rare for me to stray for from my trusty Diptiques, but I must say, the candles are just gorgeous. And as you know, I am super-picky about anything ‘scented’ in my house.

The fashion floor stocks a mix of GP’s favourite designers, as well as her own line, G. Label (every bit as chic as you would expect – it’s like an extension of her own I would guess). High-end and super-chic.

Anyway, at the risk of this becoming one of my longest blog posts to date, if you find yourself in West London any time soon, go and take a look for yourself, even just to browse. Failing that, goop now ship to the UK. Yay! In the meantime, I have done an edit of all my favourites from each area of the store. Oh, and no Vagina steamers as yet. But there is a pretty good selection of vibrators in the ‘Between the Sheets’ section. I can’t personally vouch for these, but was matter-of-factly informed that they come very highly recommended! Plus they look good, have amusing names, and are very reasonably priced! So there you have it. What more do you really need to know?

SC xx

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This post was created in collaboration with goop