Back To School: Bags

Emile Et Ida Satchel Backpack

As the kids get older, there seems to be more and more things to carry to school (we’ll be adding a recorder to Bailey’s bag next term – let me just say this was not my choice, it’s compulsory). He’s ‘played’ it twice since we bought it a few weeks ago, oh my, a badly played recorder is hard to take! Anyway, whilst we know that many schools have their own ‘book bags’, if they’re anything like the ones that we have, put more than a book in there and the velco gives up. So, for those of you who can chose their own school bag, or if you need something with a greater breaking strain than a kit-kat, the Emile et Ida one is our absolute favourite (for a boy or girl). If you need something completly plain, this one comes in various school friendly colours (Tabarlow have the green one). We also like this grey one, this Bonton backpack and this navy one. For everyone else, if the contents of your book bag are going to burst out, might as well have a super cute pencil case inside; we like this, this and this one, and of course we can’t resist something personalised.

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: we thought it too early (and too depressing) to think about school winter coats right now, but with a rain shower never far away, you might want to take a look at this grey, and these navy lightweight options.