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Boys, boys, boys…
Trawling for boys’ clothes online (or indeed, in the stores) can be an uninspiring process. There are great things out there, it’s just a little harder to find them than the girls’ versions. I’ve specifically focused on the High Street for this particular post, which I think takes the challenge to a harder ‘level’, but at the end of the day, this is why I started this post in the first place. I am not daunted by ‘the trawl’. So these are my finds (grouped by store, for ease). Marlow already has quite a few of these pieces, as these are all stores that I shop at for him. I probably buy the most things for him in Next, H&M if I’m being completely honest. I have also included a brand that I love for boys, . Marlow has quite a few of their pieces – he loves their super-soft tees and jersey ‘slounge’ pants. And the prices are good (not necessarily as cheap as the High Street, but good value). Anyway, take a look… I genuinely really like each and every piece I have selected. But it did take a while, I’m not going to lie!! Phew.
M&S do some great boys’ things, and seeing as generally I’m in one of their stores at least two to three times a week when I’m not away shooting. I love the ease of it… How cool are these pants? Love these chelsea boots, thermal leggings (so useful!), denim jacketpyjamas, tees, more pyjamas, these trainers, this parka (it would make a great school coat), and these pyjamas (strong pyjamas game, M&S!).
Also worth noting, The Little White Company do my favourite classic gingham pyjamas (and in red). I buy them every Winter, and have already bought Marlow’s (then found a pair the day before yesterday I had squirrelled away last year, in a drawer. Bloody typical).
Over and out.

Sarah xx

ps: one of my lovely ex-assistants, and dear friend, Chloe Forde recently made a series for You Tube with Alex & Alexa about motherhood, Motherhood Unedited, and she asked to interview me for it. To be completely honest, I did it as a bit of a favour, as I really do not like doing things like this, and consequently completely forgot all about about it until the morning of the interview. I had a week-old blow dry (and a scalp full of dry shampoo!!), the house was a mess, and I was completely unprepared. But once we got chatting, it was literally like we were the only ones there (not squeezed into my tiny courtyard garden with a cameraman and a sound engineer. Anyway, you can see it for yourself here. Let me know what you think?





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