Boys Only

Drummer boy Jacket
Navy tee | I Dig Denim
Loose fit trousers | Tootsa MacGinty
Rucksack | Someday Soon
Octopus tee | Lion of Leisure
Striped swim shorts | Tootsa MacGinty
Sunglasses | Molo
Grey pants | I Dig Denim
Snake belt
Gingham shorts
Cap | Someday Soon

So we all know that we are spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping for, and dressing our daughters (nieces, granddaughters, goddaughters, friend’s daughters…). And we all also know that for boys, the choices are, well, limited to say the least. It can be so frustrating! If anything, Marlow is more picky about what he wears than Tabitha, as he won’t even entertain a man-made fabric (hmmm), and he’s all about how things ‘feel’ as much as how they look. And as he’s got older, he’s got even picker, and the options have become even more limited. So when I do come across a brand, or a website that caters particularly well for boys, I am definitely going to share it!
Five Boys Clothing was an idea created by two friends, and mamas of boys (five between them, hence the cute name), Taffeta (I am obsessed by her name – why couldn’t I be a Taffeta instead of a Sarah??) and Sophia, who, put simply, were fed up with the lack of choice for boys’ clothing. And as their boys got older, the problem only got worse (sound familiar?). So they started researching independent brands, and found there were so many great designs out there if you just looked in the right places. So they began creating their own online shop. Four years in, and they have also started their own brand of t-shirts – one thing they learnt is that their boys can never have enough t-shirts! They have also introduced present ideas, things that, like their clothing, they have road tested  on their own boys, nephews and godsons.
So what’s next for Five Boys? To develop an even stronger collection for the ten to teens market. Our resident teen is currently helping us with the designs! Stay tuned.
I love that Five Boys stock some of my favourite boys brands, and ones that I regularly buy for Marlow, such as Someday Soon and I Dig Denim (the softest tees I have yet to find, and Marlow’s absolute favourites to wear). But I also love discovered great little new brands through their site. It’s small, so easy to navigate (some kids’ shopping sites are so huge I literally lose the will to live ten minutes into scrolling…).

Sarah xx

ps: Five Boys have kindly organised an extra 10% off all sale items for you (with the code LITTLESPREE). You can also use it on non-sale items.