Boys Spring Colours

I’m just loving these colours at the moment – all the blues (always), faded tones of green, and tobacco and brown. But my favourite combo of all? Pale blue and tobacco together. Just gorgeous. Sounds so obvious, but even just adding a nice brown sock (Greenberry Kids always do the best affordable socks for kids – I always buy them) and a navy plimsole to a pair of blue jeans just looks so lovely. The brown-y, tobacco-y tones are not so easy to find though I have to say. Marlow has this crepe shirt that I love from Louis Louise, which I’m happy to say is now on sale.

Sarah xx

ps: absolutely LOVE this jacket (for boys or girls).

ps: look out for the next post – it’s all about my favourite boots for girls. I was surprised at how many great ones there are around, including a fab leopard print pair!