Christmas Gifts For Boys

This is a mix of ‘tried and tested’ gifts that Marlow has already received and loved, and things that I know he will love this year and beyond. 90% of his Christmas list this year is made up of Star Wars lego sets (to say he’s obsessed with Star Wars would be a an understatement of epic proportions!!), which is obviously very niche, so I haven’t bothered to include any. Plus, I don’t think you really need me to tell you were to buy Lego from. Instead I have tried to carefully compile a selection of lovely gifts for all budgets and interests. I also considered separating the gifts into age groups, but I don’t always think that’s as useful as it sounds, as it depends on the boy in question. I think there is enough of a range here to cover most boys up until around eight-ish. And for very young boys, take a look at the Baby Gifts post too.
The girls gifts are coming up next, so stay tuned…

Sarah xx

ps: I did hesitate about splitting the gifts into ‘boys’ and ‘girls’, but to be completely honest, I wanted to make it as quick and easy for you as possible. Of course, any of these presents would be great for girls too (and vice versa of course), but I feel like that goes without saying.

pps: I did just buy this for Marlow, and it actually looks really cool in his (new) room.

ppps: how gorgeous is this for a boy’s room?