Little Feet

Bimbo Bimba Set Of Socks \ £19.00 (2-8 years)

Next Ruffle Socks (Pack Of Three) | £5.00-£6.00

Next Socks (Pack Of Four) | £5.00

This post is reminding me of that episode of Sex And The City where Carrie starts writing a column about socks. And how dull a subject that was (“last night I started writing about my sock drawer. Men as socks. ‘Socks And The City'”). ‘Little Socks’? True, socks aren’t the most inspiring thing to talk or post about (or indeed shop for), but they are a necessity, and needless to say I am as picky about my socks as I am about the rest of my kids’ wardrobes. For me, it’s all about the colour. If the colours are right they’re almost in ‘my basket’. Almost.
This set (above) from Bimbo Bimba are, I think, my all-time favourites. I bought Tabs and Marlow a set each (both had slightly different colours) last Winter and they’re the only socks they ever wear, apart from school socks (more of those later). The colours are just spot-on. But while I was compiling this post and looking for more socks (it was slim pickings out there I have to say…), I found that Next had some of my second favourite. These ruffled girls socks are just adorable, and this boys’ set, although a little gimmicky for my usual taste are really sweet. And just the right side of ‘novelty’ I would say. I think it’s the colours that save them!
Tabitha also has these  (also from the wonderful Greenberry Kids) and they’re so sweet. She loves them. They look particularly cute when she wears them with sandals (she chose to do that herself, so I can’t take the styling credit for that one!). More of my favourite socks for babies, boys and girls below…

Sarah xx

ps: school socks are duller than dull, but this pack for boys is good and will be coming to a sock drawer in Petersham very soon… I buy these for Tabitha (who says you can’t have a bit of a ruffle on a school day?).

pps: these  and these might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they’re cute and fun, and is it just me or do the the monster face ones have a bit of an Anya Hindmarch feel to them?? Or have I just been in fashion too long??