Little Shop Of Gorgeousness

Woodstock Princess garland | £36.00
Polder Girl Brigitte swimsuit | £54.00
Louise Misha Haleiwa top | £54.00
Simple Kids Surat dress | £61.00
Louis Louise Tania blouse | £64.00
Louise Misha Celia dress | £70.00
Morley Denmark coat | £92.00
Morley Dot dress | £75.00

Morley Bass sweatshirt | £40.00
Louis Louise Gazelle trousers | £47.00
Louis Louise Tina jacket | £68.00
Morley Olaf shorts | £58.00
Louis Louise Leo joggers | £35.00
Edit.58 Pom Pom sun hat | £34.00
Louis Louise Dean bermuda shorts | £47.00
Tuchinda Santiago shirt | £72.00

If I had launched a kids online shop instead of a blog, I like to think it might have looked a bit like LITTLECIRCLE. The most beautifully curated site with many of my favourite designer kids brands (Louis Louise, Louise Misha, Velveteen, Morley, Maan…), all in one (easy to navigate) place. Heaven. You will already be familiar with many of the brands from Little Spree, but it’s literally as if they (they being the lovely Anna and Lisa) are inside my head, as they not only choose from my favourite designers, but they choose the styles and colours I would chosen too. I also the love the way they curate their buys into what feels like one concise collection – everything works/fits together – nothing jars (you will not find anything random here). So if you like one thing, chances are you will probably like it all! Not helpful for the old bank balance though…
I know Anna will probably cringe at this (and possibly even try to deny it!) but when we worked at magazines at the same time (me at Glamour, Anna at Tatler), during the bi-annual fashion shows, everyone had a bit of a crush on her. Fact. She basically looked (and still does – check out their About page) like a model and was always wearing everything that you secretly coveted. She was cool, but always super-friendly too. My kind of girl. We didn’t know each other well, but we were pregnant at the same time and returned to work around the same time too. The next time our paths crossed we had both left magazines (well me, full-time anyway) and I was blogging and she was about to launch LITTLECIRCLE. With the perfect pairing of a Fashion Director and her university friend, Lisa, Executive Director for Morgan Stanley Private Equity, they had everything in place. I love the clever concept of re-cycling your children’s clothes too (in their words) – “buy the most chic clothing from us. Your children will wear them and love them. When they are too small, send them back to us and we sell them. Use your credit from the sale to refresh your child’s wardrobe… and so the little circle goes on.” Clever huh? They have recently added boys clothes (age 2-10 years, the same as the girls) and accessories as well as their own line of beautiful party and costume line to the site too, so all bases are covered. Dangerous! Very dangerous.

Sarah xx

ps: The Outnet has just had a new drop of Isabel Marant Étoile! Including my dress from last Summer which I still love, and this gorgeous white broderie anglaise dress (anyone who follows me on Instagram Stories know how much I need this dress!!). You have to be quick though, all the good stuff is already selling out fast! And the prices are ridiculously tempting! I’m afraid I didn’t have time to do an edit for you. Sorry!