Marlow’s (Holiday) Must-Haves

I just thought I’d write a quick ‘tried & tested’ post on what Marlow has been wearing on repeat since we’ve been in Tuscany. As you know, he is VERY picky these days (these days? What am I talking about? He’s been picky about his clothing pretty much since he could talk and tell me what he liked and didn’t like!!) about what he wears. He will now ONLY wear shorts and t-shirts in the Summer, so that’s pretty much all I packed this year (along with one sun hat, two pairs of swimming shorts and a pair of tan Saltwater sandals). So these are the things that made the cut (and that I have washed around a dozen times already!). He has ALL of these  pieces (below), and I can confirm that they all wash well too. A dull, but important side note.

Sarah xx

ps: this hat and these swim shorts are firm favourites too.

pps: he moaned about the Levis at first (SO uncomfortable, Mummy!!!), but then put them on by mistake one day, and now loves them. Of course.