Olivier Baby & Kids Summer Edit

I have loved Olivier Baby & Kids since I first clapped eyes on their gorgeous collection for the first time. Love at first sight! Admittedly, now Tabitha and Marlow are getting older (eight!!! How????) it is getting a little harder to find things that I love for them to wear (that they love too), obviously ‘ that particular ship set sail a long time ago…) in their sizes. Olivier Baby & Kids is one of the few brands savvy enough to go up age 12 (so many don’t), which I couldn’t be happier about. Marlow may be firmly on his own sartorial path, mostly consisting of comfy ‘sloungy’ pants (don’t worry – there are some nice pairs around if you know where to look – more of those later), skinny jeans, denim cut-off shorts, and various t-shirts (long and short sleeved),  trainers and army jackets, and he doesn’t like to stray for from his ‘look'(he hates shirts of any description, or anything remotely ‘formal’ or stiff). So this time, I only got him these swimming shorts (which we both love). I like that they are a little shorter than your average swim short. Cute.
Tabitha, on the other hand, still loves a floral print, a ruffle, a frill and a Peter Pan collar (like mother, like daughter), and still adores the pure girliness of Oliver Baby, so for her the hardest part is narrowing down the wish list of what to order! She currently has this dress (already worn and loved);  this playsuit; this gorgeous ruffled swimsuit (road tested at my sister’s pool on Bank Holiday Monday – totally gorgeous); and these pretty bikini bottoms (they’ll be coming to Italy in July for sure). If I’m choosing things from lovely, independent brands like these, I always try and choose things that I can’t buy on the high street. After all, the high street are pretty great at a lot of things, but whimsical, pretty clothes for girls aged eight is not necessarily one of them. You can definitely get great things, but you have to look at little harder to find them. Whereas I could literally close my eyes and order from Olivier Baby, and know whatever I chose would be gorgeous!
I always buy the sun hats (they’re the best I’ve found), and this year got this one for Tabitha and this one for Marlow (although it remains to be seen whether he will wear it, as he is currently very into caps…).
I love that they’ve added jumpsuits, trousers and playsuits to the girls’ collection. Perfect for the slightly older girls. And swimwear too (just too dreamy for words!!).
Anyway, these are my absolute favourite pieces for Summer…

Sarah xx