These Charming Bags

Pom-Pom Key Ring | Urban Outfitters

Can you tell I’m in full-on ‘back to school’ mode? Out come the trusty backpacks, and where there’s backpacks, there’s a million (or thereabouts) keyrings dangling off them. So if they’re going to insist on pimping up their school bags (if your kids are at private school, you might want to skip this post altogether, as I don’t think they’re allowed?), they might as well do it with cute/cool things no? So when I saw these (part Anya, part Fendi), I thought – yeah, I can get onboard with these. Oh and the kids love them too! Almost forgot that bit…
Happy Monday!

Sarah xx

ps: is it wrong that I want one too? Too trying to be ‘down with the kids’?