Luggy Love

Jigsaw Jumper | £35.00
Olliella Luggy Basket | £39.00
Mango Trousers | £15.99
Pom D-Api Boots | £75.00

Nicky bought Tabs and Marlow one of these luggy wheelie baskets (check out the other colours too – I love the natural and the yellow) for Christmas, as she knew how much I loved them. I must confess, I thought it would naturally end up becoming Tabitha’s (this just happens some times – fellow twin mamas will know what I mean – the whole present thing can be tricky…), but in actual fact, it’s downstairs right now, filled with all of Marlow’s precious Hot Wheels cars. And I didn’t put them there! So there you go.
And just to mix things up further, this jumper and trousers are both officially girls, but I think they make perfect pieces for stylish little boys. Don’t overlook the girls section for boys and vice versa – if you just look at things slightly differently, you’ll be amazed at what you might find and where.

Sarah xx

ps: Marlow is wearing this Jigsaw jumper on Instagram if you want to see how it looks on an actual boy!