A Little Magic On A Rainy Day

  1. Rylee & Cru t-shirt | £36.00
  2. Next anorak | £24.00
  3. Tocoto Vintage trousers | £54.00
  4. Saltwater sandals | £40.00

I first spotted this t-shirt at The Shop Up event last Sunday. I had to have one for Marlow (Tom used to called him Mr Magic when he was a baby – so sweet…). It’s from the most gorgeous new online store, called Mabel Child. Now I haven’t got time to do an edit of all my favourite pieces, because franky, I love pretty much everything (including the owner and founder, the gorgeous Uzma!), so you’ll just have to take a look yourself. You’ll be glad you did!
In other news, I was looking for a lightweight waterproof jacket (I know, borrrrrrrring…) for Marlow to replace his traditional yellow one (that I still love, but he’s now refusing to wear. Fair enough). I still wanted something classic, but simple, with minimal design details/bells and whistles. And I found it in Next for just £24.00. It’s super-lightweight and so lovely in person – even Marlow’s given it his stamp of approval!

Sarah xx

ps: also on my shopping list from Mabel Child are this bathrobe, this bathrobe (great for the beach too), this tulle ballet dress.

pps: I just have to share this with you. If you are a mama struggling with a persistent thumb-sucker, this is amazing (well it worked a treat with Marlow anyway). He literally had his thumb wedged in his mouth the whole time, and at seven years old this was not ideal (although coming from me who sucked my thumb until I was 11…). It was starting to drive me (and everyone around him) a bit mad. But the sweetest thing is, he really wanted to stop, he just couldn’t (spoken like a true addict). I tried various things which just didn’t work. Then I found this. Bingo! In less than three weeks, he has completely stopped sucking his thumb. And he didn’t even wear it all the time (mostly at night and at sometimes at home, but less and less as time went on). He is so pleased with himself and I couldn’t be happier. So there you go. And it was by far the cheapest method I tried too! Marlow’s was green so I called it his ‘thumb ninja’. Maybe that helped? Who knows. But a thumb-sucker he is no more!

ppps: just ordered this from The Outnet. Thought you might like it? I’m hoping it’s a slouchy, summer knit.