Boys Christmas Party Outfit

1. Jacket | Monsoon
2. Jumper | Wild & Gorgeous
3. Trousers | Caramel
4. Boots | Pèpè

Boys ‘party’ outfits? Hmm, always a tricky one. For starters, most boys (well the ones I know anyway…) do not get excited about the prospect of ‘dressing up’ in the way that little girls do. And the kind of clothes that fall under this broad umbrella tend to be at the less comfortable end of the spectrum. So for the sake of this post, and my own fussy ‘almost’ eight year old son, I’ve gone for a bit of a mix and match look, inspired by two things I found at Caramel and Wild & Gorgeous. Love this sweater (for those mini music lovers again), and alway love a skinny, striped jean (a la Brian Jones) and a boot. I feel that if the jean is skinny, you can then get away with a loser sweater or sweatshirt – normally the choice of the wear). But I also love the optional additional of a dandy velvet jacket (it’s Brian again…). Come Christmas day, Marlow will be wearing something along these lines away (if I can prize him out of a Star Wars sweatshirt that is…).
I’ve done a little edit of other ‘party-ish’ pieces that I like for boys, below.

Sarah xx

ps: if you’re looking for a more formal coat, this M&S coat deserves a special mention.