Boys Who Will Only Wear A Star Wars Sweatshirt

photos: Mango

If, like me, you’re the mama of a Star Wars obsessed son, who will only wear a Star Wars sweatshirt or t-shirt, you need to read this. Don’t despair. There are ways of tackling this sartorial challenge head-on, without forfeiting style completely. Stars Wars clothes can be cool if you choose the right thing (we have Preen to thank for this). Marlow’s current ‘uniform’ is one of his (many) sweatshirts (my favourite is his Mango navy and gold one – it’s nicely faded), skinny jeans and ankle boots or hi-tops. And you know what? I’m actually starting to quite like his little ‘look’. And if you really can’t cope, there’s always onesie or pyjama option.

Sarah xx