Sweatshirt | Bobo Choses
Leggings | M&S
Slippers | Giesswein

Marlow loves nothing more than a pair of ‘sloungies’ as we like to call them. They typically involve a natural fabric (preferably cotton) and a dropped crotch (I’m not a big fan of the regular trackie pant on boys, except for doing sport in). But on a quick dash through my local M&S on Monday, I spotted these in the girls section and thought how perfect they would be. Size up and the humble legging is perfect on boys for a comfy stay-at-home slounge pant. This particular pair came home with me in the faded charcoal stripe (they also come in a navy stripe – see below), and Marlow loves them! Needless to say I didn’t flag up that they were for girls. Marlow already had these slippers and they’re fab. I always struggle to find good slippers for boys.

Sarah xx