Christmas Pyjamas

I know many of you also share my tradition of buying new pyjamas for your children for Christmas Eve. For me it just adds to the magic and excitement of this special evening. There are so many gorgeous pairs around (and not to mention beautiful, traditional style nighties – my absolute favourites being from Faune) that we’re almost spoilt for choice. But this year’s pyjamas (already here and tucked away safely in a drawer, waiting for their moment) are from Nights by Wilder and I cannot wait for Tabitha and Marlow to wear them. I chose this pair (Lennon) for Marlow and this pair (Nico) for Tabs. So similar, but not the same. LOVE them.
Marlow also has these, which he loves as they’re SO soft. I also saw these ones when I was in M&S last week and had a feel, and they’re also super-soft. For girls, I love this and these dresses make great nighties (Tabs has both).
And of course, beautiful nightwear always makes for lovely presents.

Sarah xx

ps: when I was in M&S I also noticed that have done my white pyjamas in grey now. Very nice indeed.