The Night(Wear) Before Christmas

I do love the tradition of buying new pyjamas for Christmas – either to wear on Christmas Eve, or as a Christmas gift to unwrap on Christmas morning. Either way, there are plenty of gorgeous pairs to choose from. My personal preference tends to be for the classic, traditional ‘shirt’ and matching trousers style, or otherwise the more long-john, slim leg style – I’m even rather partial to a onesie, as long it’s in cotton (very few are, so steer clear of the Christmas scented candles if you’re going for the flammable variety…), and not oversized.
Now as much as I love pyjamas, I do LOVE an old-fashioned nightdress (not just for Tabitha, but for me as well). And if you’re looking for a festive one, they don’t come more traditional and festive than this or this.
But my absolute favourite nightdresses are, without doubt, from Faune. Tabitha has had her first one from them for over a year now, and still wears it all the time. Arguably they’re too beautiful to just wear in bed, so Tabs wears hers as dresses in the Summer (they have also recently added boys’ pyjamas, which of course, are just gorgeous too).
She also has a pretty Bonpoint nightie that I picked up in their store at Bicester Village around three years ago now. Still going strong! Buy them in a much bigger size than you need, then just watch the hem rise year after year. They’ll still work just as well.
And have you got yours yet? Yolke pyjamas are pricey for sure, but once I got over the fear of wearing them every day (they just seemed too special), I now wear mine every night (I have the classic black and ivory striped silk). Not only do they look gorgeous, but they are soooooo comfortable to sleep in. A more purse-friendly classic pair of pyjamas (which are actually on my Christmas Wish List (in cotton) are these (you can get them monogrammed too). It’s also happens to be one of my favourite places to get classic, cotton nightdresses.

Sarah xx

ps: these are the pairs that Tabitha and Marlow have from M&S. We love them all! And they both have these (twinning is winning!).

pps: how cute are these slippers. Tabs has these. Both would make lovely Christmas pressies.

pps: if you REALLY want to go for it, these are pretty funny.

Little Spree Favourites For Pyjamas

Melo & Marl
Nights by Wilder
The White Company