Feeling Kind Of Spooky

1. Meri Meri Garland, £7.40
2. Numero 74 Bat Costume (one size), £35.10
3. Edit.58 Embroidered Mini Baskets, £18.00
4. Meri Meri Cake Topper, £8.99
5. Merlin Cape (one size), £66.30
6. John Lewis Glow-In-The-Dark Gloves (one size), £7.00
7. Mouche Moon Wand, £13.26
8. Glow-In-The-Dark Pyjamas (6 months-5 years), £14.95
9. Mouche Fairy Hat, £22.62
10. Numero 74 Tutu Skirt (3-8 years), £18.20
11. Gap Cat Mary Janes (sizes UK 4-10), £14.95

Halloween bat pyjamas for kids - Little Spree

The Bright Company Bat Jyms (6 months-9 years), £30.00

If your little ones are anything like ours, excitement about Halloween starts around the beginning of September! It’s hard to say when Halloween became such a thing? But it is, like it or not (and we actually do quite like it) so we wanted to help you embrace spooky in style (of course) and in a cost effective way, so we’ve tried to include pieces that we love and have use beyond the event itself. For the kids, that usually involves a pair of themed pyjamas and this year they’re obsessed with the fabulous ‘bat jams’ from The Bright Company (above). They’re stylish, soft, and have a detachable bat wings cape. Genius. (you can pre-order now for delivery in time for Halloween). For decorations, we love the Meri Meri balloon ‘Boo’, these bats, hanging ghosts and creepy cupcake kit. Which just leave us…don’t worry, we’re not suggesting full on witch attire (although we applaud those who release their inner enchantress). For us, it will be more a hint of Halloween with these pretty lace ears, or this (scarily accurate) ‘Zombie’ sweatshirt

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: Bailey asked me to tell you his favourite Halloween joke: what type of cereal do witches eat for breakfast? Snap cackle and pop!


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