Mama Spree: Easter Flip

Meri Meri Easter Egg Hunt Kit, £6.66

With just a week to go, we thought you might appreciate a little Mama Spree help with Easter preparations and decorations and a few Easter themed activities to keep your little ones occupied during the holidays. Now our kids are getting older they love to decorate the house during the holidays and this Easter we have our eye on this sweet garland and these cute stickers  (and how could we resist these bunny labels). As for the main event, we were recently told (by a chocolatier no less) that cocoa affects the pleasure centres of the brain (similarly to other, well, more elicit substances) so first of all, stock up! Last year we bought this Easter Egg Hunt Kit (along with the brilliant M&S multipack hunt eggs). This year we like The Great Egg Hunt Card Kit, these sweet hessian little bags, and these personalised bags (perfect for stylish egg hunting) have caught our eye this year. When all the eggs have been found, eaten and the sugar rush has worn off, we’ll be encouraging a little ‘quiet time’ with personalised giant egg posters, cute Easter stickers, rubber stamps, bunny balloons and egg decorating kits. If you feel like joining in with decorating something, how about saving a few chocolate shavings to sprinkle on this ‘Easter Flip‘!

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: these adorable baskets are currently sold out, but worry not, more are coming!