Advent Calendars With Style


1. Maileg Advent Calendar Garland, £39.95
2. Next Advent House, £35.00
3. Räder Advent Greeting Card/Candle Holder, £5.16
4. John Lewis Advent Calendar Garland, £20.00
5. Numero 74 Boys Advent Calendar, £61.06
6. M&S Chalkboard Advent Calendar, £15.00

As a child Christmas began on 1st December – a tree was bought, decorations were hung and of course that was the day we were finally able to open a door on the advent calendar. All of those things still happen in our home, but somewhere along the line, the ‘alternative advent calendar’ appeared. Don’t get us wrong, we still love the cute cardboard versions, but we’re also fascinated by all the other options out there. Last year I hung 24 silver pockets filled with a small chocolate treat and a note containing a thoughtful message.

It was so sweet to see Bailey’s excited little face each morning, not knowing what the notes would say

(of course it could just have been the fact that he was eating chocolate for breakfast). The advent calendars above, this bunting, or this simple envelope set would all work well if you fancy doing something similar. For those whose don’t mind a little noise first thing in the morning, how much fun would this balloon calendar be (you have to pop Rudolph’s nose each morning to find your treat)? There’s one more thing you should know about the ‘alternative advent calendar’ – it’s not just for children! We’d be pretty excited to open the little doors of this one each morning…

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: number 6 also comes in a girl’s version.

pps: here’s that fab Next leopard print bag I mentioned on Instagram yesterday. SC