Little House

Finding a simple dolls house is not easy. Trust me, I have done the legwork. A couple of years ago, I wanted one for Tabitha that was just plain (a blank canvas if you like?), wooden, with minimal details. No luck.
Fats forward to last week when I come across this wooden ‘Holdie House’ (loving that handle detail) and I just think it’s so sweet. And the fact that it’s portable is so great. Simple design at its best. Ideal for toddlers and up.
Then just this morning, I had a tip-off about this house (top) from my gorgeous friend (and fashion PR), Cloudia (she’s just bought it for her little boy’s tired birthday – how cute is that?), from Toys R Us (yes, really). Honestly, if this more traditional (classic Georgian) style dolls house is more your thing (yes please), then this is the best one I’ve seen. It’s just ready and waiting for a lick of Farrow & Ball (my shade of choice would be Pink Ground, one my all-time faves). And this one even comes complete with all the furnitures AND people (who I am reliably informed are all dressed in what looks like scaled down A.P.C!!)! Yes really. Seriously, this is the bargain of the century. I am seriously tempted to ditch Tabitha’s Maileg house and re-house those Mailegs…

Sarah xx

ps: and if you’re not in the market for a wooden dolls house, might I suggest a quick recce of the Home Shop instead?