Djeco KinOptik Robots, £19.69

I have been meaning to post about Djeco for so long, but what finally prompted me was the reaction I got when I posted Marlow playing with this game (above) on Instagram Stories last weekend.  So many people messaged and emailed me to ask what the game was? Marlow’s was a Christmas gift, and without doubt, a definite favourite. I have long been a fan of Djeco (this stylish French brand do a HUGE range of toys for all ages (check out  the modernist dolls house and the rabbit globe night light (currently in the Baby Gifts Shop) and games, including many brilliant educational ones, and they make the best presents) – loved by children and parents alike! I particularly love the games for the twins (Nicky bought these step-by-step drawing games for Marlow and Tabitha the Christmas before last) – they are super-cool and so cleverly interactive – this robot one literally keeps Marlow focused for hours. He absolutely loves it. In fact, I asked him to explain what he loves about it so much, so here you go:
Marlow: “it’s like it comes alive when you move the sheet across the magnets. You can make your own robots, or you can follow instructions to build a robot.”.

Sarah xx

ps: incase (like I did, for ages) you’re wondering how to pronounce Djeco, it’s Jecko.