Kids Pyjamas




Is there anything lovelier than new pyjamas at Christmas? I love the  tradition of buying Tabitha and Marlow a new pair to wear on Christmas Eve (more of those later…). So whether you’re with me on that particular tradition, or simply looking for Christmas gifts, these are my favourites…

Sarah xx

ps: technically these have no business being in this post at all (they’re not very Little Spree that’s for sure…), but there’s something about them I kind of like (most likely that Pierrot collar). They’re certainly festive anyway! Similarly, these for boys. Not quite nice enough to make my visual edit, but (full disclosure) Marlow has them and they’re actually really nice (really soft). I ‘may’ have given the shark print to the charity shop though…

pps: Marlow has this onesie, and he loves it. It’s really soft and a lovely slim fit. He actually had the same one last winter too! Tabs has this one (and the same applies as Marlow’s!).

ppps: which ones did I buy for Tabs and Marlow? These for Tabs, and another set of these for Marlow! He can choose between the plain navy or the striped for Christmas Eve!