Cosy Knits & Metallic Bags

Photographs Georgie Clarke

I love to mix my textures (this is about as ‘wild’ as I get with mixing and matching!). I do always the contrast of a chunky, cosy knit (mine is from & Other Stories) with a metallic bag. This particular bag (above) is one of my favourite bargains ever – it’s from Topshop around four years ago, and I would probably say it’s my most used ‘evening bag’. I remember including it in my Christmas Wish List the year I got it, so some of you may also still have it? Anyway, it’s definitely a fave, and is a great example of how my favourite pieces are not necessarily the designer ones. If I love something, I just love – I couldn’t care less where it came from or how big or small it’s price tag is/was.
I know you can’t get the exact one that I have (sorry!), but I have found some great options (at all price points) out there. My dream metallic bag is this one from Loewe. I absolutely LOVE it.

Sarah xx

ps: La Redoute’s Black Friday sale (40% off!) is already up and running! Now’s the time to snap up anther of my all-time favourites

pps: my jeans are old J.Brand, and my boots are Next (the ones that everyone assumes are Isabel Marant).