Just dropped at & Other Stories

Just wanted to share a few gems that have just landed at & Other Stories. I actually wanted the boilersuit to wear to the Red Smart Women Week on Friday, but it won’t arrive in time (you know me – never been much of an ‘outfit planner’..), and they didn’t have it in my local store. Grrr. So I ordered this one from ASOS instead (I will report back…). But I am getting sidetracked! It was THIS jacket that I wanted to share the most. How great is it??? Want.

Sarah xx

ps: there are SO many boots around that I love and want (and don’t necessarily need…). I tried these on today (well I say ‘tried’ – more accurately I ‘tried’ to ‘try’ them on, but they had run out of pop socks (are there too less sexy words??), and I could’t get them on (that ‘dancer’s arch again!). But, they are a pretty perfect boot if you want a ‘not too high’ heel that’s still cool. They will look pretty perfect with a cropped jean I feel…