LBDs All The Way

Some might argue it’s boring and predictable. Me? If it ‘aint broke…
There are SO many great black dresses out there – there is defintewlty something for everyone – long, short, loose, tight, minimal, embellished, modern, romantic… The best thing about a LBD? You can totally change it up with different shoes and accessories. My advice on how to wear yours this festive period? With sexy boots, or pointed flats.


ps: lots of you asked me about my little black velvet dress that I was wearing on Instagram last week. It’s years old from Cos, but I always dig it out at random times. It’s short, a super-simple shape, with a little Peter Pan collar. Last week I wore it with my lace-up ankle boots, and it felt like a new dress all over again. This is what I’m talking about! Anyway, Cos actually have a pretty similar one in now.

Boots Boots Boots