Sunday Selects

I’ve not posted for a little while, because it was the (blissful) Easter long weekend, then I was working (styling) on a three day shoot last week.
So I thought I would do one of my little edits, that you all seem to love. Just a random (although, carefully curated randomness I hope…) bunch of things I’m loving right now.
A couple of things to mention, which were both tip-offs from people on the shoot, – this jumper (thank you Jemima) from Boden men’s. It’s SO good. It comes in navy, but I’ve got my eye on the oatmeal, as I love that shade, and it’s not always easy to come by. It’s currently on sale. Yes!
Next up, this denim jumpsuit, which I have shared before on Little Spree. The makeup artist (you might remember lovely Lisa from this guest edit she did for me last year) was wearing it, and it looked amazing on her. It really does make all the difference seeing something in person, particularly if that person also happens to have great personal style. One of the (many!!) things I love about jumpsuits is how easy they are to dress up or down. To me, they’re the ultimate ‘day to night’ piece. My love of them is still as strong as ever!
This dress really reminds me of my (ancient) Stella McCartney bias-cut floor-length dress that you’ve probably seen on my Instagram feed over the years (I usually were a grey sweatshirt over the top. This one is probably the closest one to mine I have ever seen on the high street. The shape looks almost identical.
Everything else, I’m just lusting after from afar…
Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

Sarah xx

ps: check out the little interview I did with beautiful new brand, Binibamba. It seems like a lifetime ago now, but I chatted about those first few months of motherhood with twins (what I can actually remember anyway!!); finding my ‘mama uniform’ whilst on maternity leave from Glamour; and the baby essentials I felt we were the spurge…
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