Black Friday Bargains Part II

True story. I popped to the shops this morning to run a few errands, and couldn’t belive that there was a queue to get to into the car park?? On a Friday morning! What the hell was going on? Then the penny dropped! It was bloody Black Friday. Doh. I did have to laugh, seeing as not only do I have a blog/shopping website, but that I’d also done a Black Friday post just days ago!!  But that’s the thing with Black Friday isn’t it? It’s isn’t just today at all – it’s all bloody week, and beyond… Urgh. Then I was cross because I needed to pop into Mango to return a couple of things, and of course, ended up buying a couple of things (this and this if you’re interested…). I was really annoyed about that! Anyway…
So again, more umming and ahhing about whether to share (bore you with?) any more Black Friday info? So I have decided to share the deals that I honestly feel are worth looking into (oh, and ONLY the brands that are offering a discount on everything – I  find it so irritating when brands only offer the discount on certain things – 20% off this, 25% off that… Aaaargh. Life is complicated enough right? And sorry Arket – I love you, but your colour themed daily discounts nearly fried my brain…). SO, here are the deals that I feel are worth sharing, who have straightforward discounts. No muss, no fuss.
And feel free to roll your eyes at your inbox, and stick two (or one) fingers up to me even mentioning this day.

Sarah xx

ps: LOVE this!! But can I seriously justify another one??

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