I know, I know, another pic of Alexa just, well being Alexa…
I never set out to seek these pictures out and/or post them, they just seem to ‘pop up’ when I’m cruising the internet. I love this coat (her own and ‘her own‘), and have done for some time (Pippa didn’t deter me). Not the ideal time to be considering a coat purchase admittedly, but then let’s be honest, who doesn’t wear coat most of the year in this country??
Anyway I love this coat (I also love this similar one from & Other Stories) and I love pretty much everything about this look. The thing is, with Alexa, love her and hate her (or maybe you’re just a bit ‘over’ her?), she always nails the whole ‘effortless’ thing.

Sarah xx

ps: if you can get your hands on a pair of these, all the better! I have serious ‘fashion regret’ about not getting them when I posted them. Grrr.