Just Another Jumpsuit

photos: Chris O’Donnell

Pimlico Plumbers called. They want their boilersuit back. Sorry, this is a London-centric joke. And a pretty rubbish one too. Anyway.

So you all know I love a jumpsuit? Well the other day a fashion PR friend asked me to describe my perfect style of jumpsuit, i.e. what are the things I look for in a jumpsuit. I hadn’t actually realised how specific I am when it come to my jumpsuit selection process. So, I like long sleeves (I like to turn them up), long legs (again, I like to turn them up), and basically that the top half looks like a shirt. And I also usually like to ditch the belt (I like the ‘slouch’). This is the detail that makes it more of boilersuit I guess. So I have had this Gap one for a couple of weeks now (see – rubbish blogger!!), and have worn it so much – it’s just SO bloody comfy. And a jumpsuit is a great day-to-evening option (believe me, I ditched the Stella’s (more of those in a sec…) for the trusty Vans as soon as I could, so I could race around London for the rest of the day, then I changed back into them for the evening).

Now don’t be cross, but both my jacket (Margaret Howell, a very sold sample that I fell in love with the minute I spotted it on the catwalk) and shoes are old. Very old. In fact, the Stella Mccartney shoes are quite a bit older than Tabarlow. And I still absolutely love them (so it seems does Stella – I’ve seen her wearing hers recently too). But fear not, I have rustled up some pretty nice alternatives, so don’t hate me too much. As I’m putting this post together, I am aware that’s it not the most exciting outfit in the world (I always forget to bring an interesting bag with me, although I’ve just bought a fab new high street one that arrived today, so I’ll share that soon). But then, my outfits to tend to be pretty simple most of the time. For me, a bit of tweed (absolutely everywhere this season!) and leopard print is enough.

Have a great weekend!

Sarah xx

ps: more jumpsuits that fit my critera here, here, here, and here (this one is probably my favourite and such a bargain! Tempting…)

pps: for any curvy mamas out there, this is a great one.

My Gap Jumpsuit